Carollo’s ‘Homemade Products with Brand-Name Quality’ a must-have

By Taquee Gundar

Former Slidell Sentry News writer Charlette Carollo delivers a homerun with her debut book, “Homemade Products with Brand Name Quality: 250 Money Saving Mixes” from Pelican Publishing Company.

The collection of recipes is a handy guidebook for transforming ordinary kitchen items into brand-name quality items with out the excessive costs. Homemade presents ways to reduce waste, limit harsh chemicals in cleaning agents, and eliminate additives. The book gives instructions on making everything from baking powder and shampoo to roach killer to facial mask. Carollo adds recipes for healthy apple pops and sour cream for people with allergies or restrictive diets. The mix recipes are key money savers and easy to manipulate for more or less flavor.

Carollo encourages food storage buying in bulk in order to prepare for hurricanes and other disasters. The recipes are based on the products that can be stored and used at those times for meals and clean up. Homemade includes recipes for entrées, breakfast, desserts, and snacks. They can be altered to fit dietary needs and varied taste buds. Being on a tight budget, Carollo, a mother of seven children, has been making her own version of popular brand items for years. She said one day she realized the chili packet she bought at the store costs “mere cents” to make compared to the amount she paid for it. From then on, she would challenge herself to make and package her own products.

This collection is the results of her learning to save money by creating everyday essentials from items found in her kitchen. Give it a try and BuytheBook.

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