Southern campaign garners national support

MORE THAN ONE THOUSAND SOUTHERN University supporters including students, faculty, community, and business and religious leaders convened at Living Faith Cathedral on Winbourne Avenue in Baton Rouge, March 13, to hear the Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr speak about condition of “the New South.”

He spoke on how conditions in education and economics are being contrived.

After a brief explanation of Black populations versus Black prison populations in the state, Jackson’s talk quickly shifted to the current situation that brought him to the state: a study by the Louisiana Board of Regents to merge Southern University New Orleans and the University of New Orleans.

Jackson pointedly said the Board has a responsibility to look like the people they represent.

As such, the Regents would need three additional Black appointees to its 15-member, volunteer board. Dr. Albert Sam, a Black vascular surgeon, was appointed March 9, but will not be present when the Regents discuss the merger later this month.

Jackson urged the audience to not become complacent, to march, and register more people, young and old, to vote.

“Ten thousand students, faculty, parents, politicans and leaders will get any governor’s or legislator’s attention,” he said. Jackson’s speech was part of a Support Our Southern, SOS, rally.
> By Emmanuel Lee

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