Excluding NAACP from MLK is a bad look, Mr. Mayor.

No NAACP at official MLK Day observance is not a good look for New Orleans>

By Anitra Brown
New Orleans Tribune

The exclusion of the local New Orleans chapter of the NAACP from the city’s official Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. Not a good look.

The unwillingness or inability of another respected civil rights organization to ensure that the New Orleans unit of the nation’s oldest civil rights organization plays a role in an event designed to pay homage to a man who fought for the very rights we all hold dear today-especially if it has been pressured into making this decision. Not a good look.

If there is the slightest possibility this has been fueled by the fact that the NAACP New Orleans, under the leadership of attorney Danatus King, (pictured) has been an outspoken critic of the city’s administration. Definitely not a good look.

NAACP officials and its supporters say reports that the organization has not been allowed to take part in the event because its request was too late are just not true. Read more, here.

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