Weber holds dramatic, funny book signing

Scotlandville Branch Library hosted national bestselling authors Carl Weber and Eric Pete, Feb. 6, for an audience of 70 book lovers.

Geraldine Miller, 58, confesses she reads Weber’s books until two am and gets back up at five am to read before heading to work at LSU.

“I’ve read four of his books in two weeks,” Miller said laughing. The night was full of laughter and clapping at Weber’s and Pete’s jokes about plots, characters, and book buying.

“The way I see it you are my employers. You pay for my work,” said Weber. “I am writing for you and will sign all your books with my name on it.” He has written 16 books, averaging a book or two a year.

Weber and Pete are on book tour for “The Family Business” which was released Jan. 31.

With characters from “The Choir Director,” Guilty Gucci,” and “Saints and Sinners” by Weber and characters from Pete’s “Crushed Ice,” “Piano in the Dark” and “Realty Check,” the authors could only talk drama and suspense.

Weber told the two ladies who had never read his work, “Once you go Carl Weber, you never go back.” Readers applauded.

“I had no idea what to expect, but I am having the time of my life,” said Miller.

Library branch manager Allison Cooper said Weber and Pete traveled to Scotlandville at no expense to the parish or book readers. The library has hosted local and national authors including Victoria Rowell (“The Woman who Raised Me”) and ReShounda Tate Billingsley (“Say Amen, Again”).

> By Candace J. Semien

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