Southern University research served in Texas restaurant

The G Spot of Round Rock, Texas, serves stuffed pork loin with hibscus jelly from the Southern University Ag Center in Baton Rouge

The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center is constantly conducting research on alternative plants with health and economic benefits to the citizens of Louisiana.

Hibiscus, one of such plants is reaping health and economic benefits following years of intensive research. Hibiscus, known for its medicinal effects in lowering high blood pressure, is also yielding other products of economic impact as local restaurants take it to another level by using its jelly in dishes such as in the stuffed pork loin with cherries, charizo and hibiscus jelly.

The G” Spot restaurant owner, Chef Derrill Guidry, recently posted on his blog how he incorporates the jelly into his stuffed pork loin dish.

“My dad gave me a jar of hibiscus jelly that the (Southern University) Ag Center gave to him. I had never tasted anything made with Roselle, so I was really anxious to try it. It has a very unique taste – a light, peppery, licorice flavor. I recently used it to prepare this SERIOUS stuffed pork loin … Delicious!”

Guidry said, “One of the cool things that scientists at the S.U. Agricultural Center are doing is developing and finding uses for Hibiscus sabdariffa, the Roselle species of the hibiscus plant. They are investigating its nutritional value under various growing conditions, and plan to introduce its products to food markets and to reach our small farmers to increase its marketability.”
The full blog is available at

The G Spot is located in Round Rock, Texas. For more information on the nutritional and medicinal values of hibiscus, visit the Southern University Ag Center website at

By Bridget Udoh
Contributing writer

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