Author shows building financial future requires tenacity through money’s cycles

At a time when many families were losing jobs and homes, author Angela Lee Underwood saw an opportunity buried within the “sub-prime fiasco of 2008.”

“People did not have anything to fall back on as it related to finances. There were many families who became homeless and did not have enough money to feed their children,” she said. This was her inspiration to write Building Your Financial Future Even to the Point Of Giving. “I want people to be prepared for those unexpected difficult situations in their lives. My passion is to teach people how they can improve their lives by growing in their finances.” She recently sat with the JOZEF SYNDICATE to discuss the book.

What’s your favorite part of the book? Why?
UNDERWOOD: My favorite part of the book is the point of Giving. Getting to this point means that you have accomplished those things in the book when it comes to getting out of your debt. This means that you are now in control of your finances. As I touch on the point of giving, I am not only speaking about giving your financial resources, but I am also referring to giving your time and services to help others. Using your talents and skills to help those who are in greater need than you. Helping with food pantries, soup kitchens, volunteering in your community and helping those who are in shelters, are places where you can give of your time. I believe that in order to truly be in a position to help someone, we must first prepare ourselves financially.

What in your background enabled you to write this book?
I’ve worked in the financial industry for more than 30 years…including in investments, savings, mortgage loans, and deposits. I have also completed requirements to become certified financial planner. Even in my own personal experience, I have been able to eliminate my debt situation and improve in my finances. Because of my spiritual beliefs and experience in dealing with finances, I believe that the content in this book will help people gain a more successful financial future.

How can the financial literacy and tips in this book be brought into the home of seniors or families with young children? Is that too soon or too old?
You are never too old or too young to learn about finances. Seniors can benefit from learning about finances as they are dealing with retirement, social security and Medicare. When it comes to children, children must learn how to use money. They need to be educated in this area at an early age so that they may do well in managing money when they become adults.

You write, “knowing God’s will is the key to becoming successful in your finances”. Can you elaborate? God wants us to live a better life and to be good stewards over the things of the earth because all things belong to Him. God’s will for us is that we love one another. We will be able to help ourselves as well as helping others, (which is demonstrating our love for others), when our finances are in order.

The book is definitely a guide for Christians–believers in Christ and the Bible–as they are the references on every page. Is this book just for Christians? This book is for everyone. I reference the Bible in the book because there are many scriptures in which God speaks to us about money. Choosing to improve your finances is great wisdom.

Why is it important to cover wills and estate planning before the concept of giving? As you establish your financial plan, creating a will and overall estate plan will allow you to designate where you want your property to go. Giving to others and to organizations will allow your legacy to live on. Leaving an inheritance so that your grandchildren will be able to attend college or so that money can be given to help out shelters and other not-for-profit organizations will make this world a better place to live.

The book overlaps in the Christian and finance genres. What sets this book apart from others in the same genres?Combining what God tells us about money with how we are to manage it is the first step to becoming disciplined in your finances. Increasing our financial knowledge and improving the lives of others should be a goal that we set for ourselves. The book touches on many areas of our basic financial journey. Finances and Christianity goes hand-in-hand as we keep to the law of obedience.

Where can the books be purchased? Individual orders of the book can be purchased online at, Barnes and, and of course through the publisher, for both individual and bulk orders.

Where are you a native? Is this your first book? What’s next for you?I am a native of Chicago. This is my first book. I conduct speaking engagements and workshops on financial literacy. I can be contacted through my website, or

> By Candace J. Semien

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