Real people send message to HCG cynics in new book

BATON ROUGE-Tackling head-on the myths and struggles surrounding the controversial HCG Diet, weight loss experts Patty Christopher and Geno Gambino of Baton Rouge have released their new book, The Real People’s Guide to the HCG Diet¸ revealing everyday techniques-mixed with humor and recipes.

“Patty and Geno saved my life!” said Denise Taggart, who has Hashimoto’s disease and could not lose weight on any other program. She is one of more than 30 personal testimonies shared in the book from clients that have become the authors’ friends-who have all experienced great results on HCG.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) was discovered by Dr. ATW Simeons as a “cure” for obesity in the 1940s in Europe. Available in America in recent years it has become a very popular and effective weight loss solution. When taken with certain foods (outlined in the book), the HCG triggers the body to lose fat quickly: about a pound a day.

“In the book and in our videos, we have stories from people who have lost 48 pounds in 50 days, and now they have their friends and family changing their lives too with the HCG Diet,” says Patty, a former middle school teacher. “The names in the book have not been changed; they want you to know who they are. Our clients love us because we are not some sales people, we have lived the program too and understand the challenges of making it through one more day on a diet with chocolate staring at you.”

The Real People’s Guide to the HCG Diet is an escort through the 50-day HCG protocol and includes testimonies, recipes, food list, and instructions for taking HCG-mixed with humor. The book is a spinoff from a series of e-newsletters Patty and Geno sends to their clients at Waist Away Weight Loss Center to provide daily support and understanding.

These are real people, real stories, and real lives-right here in Louisiana.

The Real People’s Guide (ISBN 978-0-9859880-2-9) is available at and on as a paperback and ebook. At the request of clients, the authors will soon release a 25-day version of The Real People’s Guide.

About the Authors
Patty is a former middle school teacher who weighed 300 pounds when she met Geno, a native of New Orleans who grew up in a family-owned restaurant which kept him morbidly obese. The pair met in Vegas and after some time together began seeking drastic weight loss options including lap band surgery. Then, they found HCG! Owners of Waist Away Weight Loss Center in Baton Rouge, Patty and Geno have lost more than 180 pounds on the HCG Diet and have helped hundreds of others accomplish the same. They are sought-after local HCG experts at health fairs and wellness workshops. They and their center have appeared on ABC-affiliate WBRZ Channel 2 “HealthLine with Phil Rainer” and “America Now”.

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