Book answers ongoing question on the importance of tithing

Ronald L. Lewis was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is a licensed ordained minister, author, inventor, entrepreneur, and father who has published eight books. The Jozef Syndicate recently sat with Lewis to discuss his work.

What’s your background? I was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I graduated from Capitol Senior High School and the International Technical College in A/C & Heating. I became a young businessman in the early 80s and owned a lawn mower and appliance repair business for many years. After experiencing a near tragic incident, I closed my business. It was this near tragic incident that brought me back to God Almighty. I attended a word filled church for five years, and after rededicating my life back to God, I grew in the knowledge of the Word of God. It was during and after this time I ministered at many nursing homes, prisons, and community outreach meetings. I was also led of God to start a prayer and youth mission called The House of Prayer Mission for many years. I joined forces with a ministry team called Coming Together Ministry. There I met the late Pastor Stanley Meno, of God So Loved the World Ministry in Jennings, Louisiana. I worked in that ministry for many years. I was licensed there to carry out the commission and vision God placed within me. I am also an inventor with patent inventions, in the area of family and children games and I’ve be publishing ‘Do it yourself’ books in the area of family fun project, and product designs.

Where did the inspiration come to write Is Tithing for God’s People Today? The inspiration came from the Holy Spirit, as he moved on me to write the first book on this subject called, The Vision, the Church without the Head: The Spirit of Faith vs. Tithes. I was inspired by others also to bring out more revelation concerning this subject. As God woke me between 2am and 3am, this book gave birth, as well as the one before this one called, The Origin Birthing of Faith.

You are a pretty prolific writer. How many books have you published and in what time frame? I have written nine books, in which six have been published. I am working on the seventh book to be published called, No Tithes in Eden. This is the seven dominion book. These six books were published within four to five years.

Do you have a certain goal that you are meeting? Yes, my goal is to reach half a billion Christians that’s paying tithes under the curse of the law, which Christ has redeemed us from.

Why so many? Because of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to pull out of me God’s plan, purpose and destiny, we serve an unlimited God, and I was fore- told by a minister about my 20TH book. I believe my fifth, sixth, and seventh books, as well as many others, will be on the best-selling list.

What sets Is Tithing for God’s People Today? apart from other Christian books? It is my given assignment from God to be a global voice to the Body of Christ. Also, I think the topic of what is being said and the title stands out from other Christian books and it will free God’s people from this error, with biblical truth.

Does Is Tithing for God’s People Today?, explore Old Testament belief of tithe and if it is necessary for Christians today? Yes, it covers just about every aspect of what the tithes was about and what it was for in the Old Testament, but it also teaches that Jesus redeemed us from the laws in the Old Testament and took the place of the tithe atonement in the New Testament by sacrificing himself and offering up his blood for our sin. Now salvation is free. It is not ten percent that we owe God; we owe our body as a living sacrifice, that’s why we are called the Body of Christ. The Christian today is free from the tithe offering. What we give today is, (The just shall live by faith) whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to give by faith, as in the book of Acts, the New Testament church.

Is the message of this book exclusive to Christians or believers of the Bible? The word Christian means Christ-like and to be like Christ. You have to be in agreement with the word of God that said in Galatians 3:11-13, “But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith.And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them.Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: The message is for all that believe in the word of God.”

Explain the cover of Is Tithing for God’s People Today. The cover is about Jesus the sacrificial Lamb of God that was offered up on the altar, with his blood to God on our behalf of our sin, in place of the tithe sacrifice of animals that were inefficient on the altar, for a temporary atonement for our sin in the Old Testament.

Your book, The Vision: A Church without the Head, presents a man in a body of water with no head but outstretched arms. What does that illustration mean? The cover is about an urgent vision that was given to me by the Spirit of God. It represents the church as the Body of Christ operating without the head which is Jesus Christ. The large body of water likens a sea or ocean represents a mass volume of people in the church global, and the body without the head represents the church without Christ, Who is the head of the body. The cover fits with the message of the book because tithes is the area God showed me and it discusses how ministers are telling God’s people they are cursed with a curse if they do not pay the tithes, in which Christ redeemed us from with his blood. It was my first book about tithes and the Laws in the Old Testament vs. New Testament faith offering

Which one of your books should be in every religious leader’s hand? Why? I believe, Is Tithing for God’s People Today as well as, The Vision: the Spirit of Faith vs. Tithes should be in every clergy and Christian hands to understand that tithing is not for God’s people today and the people of God is not cursed for not paying tithes, because Jesus redeemed us from all the curses of the law, including the tithe. This book puts biblical foundational truth in their hands according to the word of God, and yes Abraham was under the laws of God, Genesis 26:5.( This is for the theologians that don t’ believe that Abraham was under the Laws of God.

Where can the books be purchased? Books may be purchased on my website: or at Sonlife Christian Book Store in Hammond and Denham Springs.

What’s next for you?I am working on publishing my new book, No Tithes in Eden. This book is about there were no tithes in ‘Eden’ before the fall of mankind from God, and what the ‘Garden of Eden’ was like. This is a powerful book that will take you from Genesis to the book of Revelations.

By Candace J. Semien

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