Queen of Creole Cuisine to celebrate 90th birthday, family foundation


Leah Chase’s family inaugurates foundation in her honor, plans gala weekend

NEW ORLEANS — The biggest party of the new year may not be on New Year’s Eve, but on January 4 and 5. In true New Orleans fashion, the Family of Edgar “Dooky” Jr. and Leah Chase have invited the public to take part in the 90th birthday of their matriarch with a celebration befitting the “Queen of Creole Cuisine” and the inauguration of a foundation in their honor.

Proceeds from the weekend will seed the Edgar “Dooky” Jr. and Leah Chase Family Foundation and be used for future awards and activities. Additional information, schedules, and developments on the preparations as the event approaches will be available at: www.dookyandleahchasefoundation.org

“My mother loves to celebrate her birthday,” said daughter Stella Reese, assistant manager of Dooky Chase Restaurant. “With the size of our large family, the celebration usually spans at least a week and is full of dinners and parties. The grandchildren actually felt that inviting the community she loves and serves so passionately was the best way to honor her 90 years.”

The Edgar “Dooky” Jr. & Leah Chase Family Foundation is being established to continue the legacy of the pair’s tireless work to uplift their families and community through their faith, successful management of Dooky Chase Restaurant, active involvement in social justice activities that foster inclusion, and support of the creative and culinary arts. They have been catalysts for social change and voices for progress for the people, city and state they love. The foundation will serve as a conduit to continue their efforts and support others who embody the same passion and values.


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