In 2013, watch gospel artist AV Mitchell

Michael “A.V.” Mitchell is a rising gospel artist who not only wants to inspire the world with music but also possesses a strong desire to give back to the community every step of the way.

Mitchell, a 30-year-old Baton Rouge native, was inspired to enter the music industry after committing his life to Christ 12 years ago.

The journey has led to the release of his second album “Spiritual Motivation” a year ago and as lead him to two national award nominations.

“I want the music I write and how I carry myself to align with the Word of God and confront issues people are facing,” he said.

Mitchell’s mission has garnered the attention of listeners nationwide.

He has been nominated for two Rhythm of Gospel Awards. “Spiritual

AV Mitchell

AV Mitchell

Motivation” has been nominated for Album of the Year and his single, “Radical,” has been nominated for the Holy Hip Hop Song of the Year.

“It’s a great feeling to be nominated and acknowledged by my peers, but my greatest reward is knowing my music is helping people move forward,” said Mitchell.

The Rhythm of Gospel Awards annually spotlights and recognizes churches, religious groups, community leaders, and independent gospel music artists. This year’s the awards ceremony will be in Jacksonville, Fla., this summer.

Before then, he plans to release his third album later this month, “Mind Maintenance,” with seven tracks, which he will take to Nashville and perform during showcases around the 28th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards.

By April, his fans can expect a fourth full album, “VIP Status,” from Mitchell.

He said his desire is to motivate people beyond musical performances, so his community outreach program, the Vision, Identity, and Purpose Project, allows him to inspire young people to reach their full potential no matter what their circumstances in life are.

“If you know and have an understanding of who your identity you can discover your purpose in life and once you find your purpose you can then develop a vision to help you reach your purpose,” said Mitchell.

He uses the V.I.P project to reach people by delivering motivational speeches at churches and schools.

Mitchell said his mother, Rosie Mitchell, is an exceptional role model who reared him and six sisters, but he was lacking someone to encourage him to reach his full potential.
Now, his ambition is to be that encourager for many others.

This ambition and passion for Christ pushes him, he said, and it is felt in his music and seen through the VIP Project and his street ministry.

“Sometimes to reach people you cannot always expect them to come to you,” he said.

Mitchell mixes his passion for spoken word and music to motivate. Like his stage name, “A.V.”, Mitchell deliberately is “another vessel” for Christianity as he often takes time during performances to explain the experiences that inspired his songs.

This year, he plans to create “The VIP Experience,” a series of motivational speeches aimed to reach adults and children.

“Just knowing that my testimony or delivering an encouraging word that motivated someone to change their life is a very rewarding feeling,” said Mitchell.

By Cameron James

Contributing Writer

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