Change it up; Men want reciprocal Valentine’s Day gifts

The earliest recorded celebration of Valentine’s day was during the 4th century in 270 BC and since then the holiday has been about celebrating romantic love.

Since then, women have soaked and basked in this special day of love-on-display–which leads us to ask ‘what about the men?’.

If V-Day is about celebrating and showing love, isn’t it time for men to receive a reciprocal display of affection as well?

By no means should men stop catering to their women on this holiday, but, for the women, here are a few gift suggestions that would make him wish cupid’s arrow struck him twice.

Cigar and Whiskey


For the guy who likes to kickback and relax let him to do it with a glass of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s distilled, aged and bottled at the most award-winning distillery in the world. Rachel Boos of Churchill’s describes the taste as rich , complex, with hints of vanilla, toffee and candied fruit with smooth finish lingers on the palate.As suggested to me one the best pairings with a good bourbon is a cigar.

They suggest the Davidoff’s Grand Cru No. 2 which would appease the novice and connoisseurs. It is a full-bodied and slightly larger Corona that will off classic format a somewhat longer experience for the smoker. Combined, they sell for $58 at Churchills, 7949 Jefferson Hwy, in Baton Rouge.
Music Maker
Brookstone’s Big Blue wireless speaker collection will allow him to stream music and other audio content wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet. The Big Blue Live, Big Blue and Big Blue Media Tower are the speakers that MAC life magazine said will “tap-dance over the competition”. If you guy plans to

background music for your Valentines day occasions and the da

ys following The Big Blue is a great gift. The Big Blue was the first introduced and will allow your guy to use his to use his device to : skip tracks, power and speakerphone up to a 33 foot range.

big blue wireless

The Big Blue Live the smallest and the perfect size to sit on a desk. Along with having the same features as it’s larger predecessor it can also take speakerphone calls via its built-in mic wire free.

If you want to deliver the stadium or movie theater to your valentine this year you can purchase him the Big Blue Media Tower. The largest one of collection, it is equipped with two 20-watt, full-range stereo speakers and a 30-watt powered subwoofer . He can connect to his TV , using the already included A/C cords, and enjoy sports, movies, and TV shows enhanced with unidirectional and room-filling stereo sound. All Big Blue Speakers need to be paired once and then connect instantly every time and come with a one year limited warranty.

Big Blue Speaker $149.99 Big Blue Live Speaker $99.99 Big Blue Media Tower $299.99


The RayBan Wafayer is one of the most iconic and classic styles that have been seen on everyone from Sammy Davis Jr to Lil Wayne. This


Valentines day get him the New Folding Wayfayer. The modernized version looks just like the original except it folds to one fourth of its original size. Not only are the glasses easier to store but also come polarized, a special layer that better protects the eye by reducing glare 99 percent. All RayBan that are purchased at Sunglass Huts come with a warranty that will pay for half of new pair if the first pair is becomes damaged.
Ray Ban Folding Way fayer is $149.95

Spa Day
One of the Baton Rouge’s best kept secrets but not a secret to the rest of the country is The Art of Shaving.The popular chain opened its Baton Rouge location last year and this the year for you to help your man take advantage of the oasis. The Art of Shaving Shops created in 1996, are the first of their kind; a masculine establishment set up to provide men with the finest shaving products and barber services. The Art of Shaving’s Barber Spa in the Mall of Louisiana offers an experience he won’t forget. Treat him to the Royal Shave which is their signature service and it’s most indulgent.


Mr. Valentine will be introduced to the four elements of  Perfect Shave® performed by trained Master Barbers.

This is a 45-minute spa experience in masculine and luxurious setting that will leave him felling refreshed. The Spa also serves as store where with knowledgeable and helpful staff who can suggest products for every skin type.


Smell Good
For the guy who’s place who could use a fresh scent, save the lavender and English rose scents for your place and get him the sinus relief candle from L’Aromatiques. This candle is hand made made from all natural oils, eucalyptus, canfur, peppermint and spearmint. This candle is a great gift for guys in Louisiana where the weather can be unpredictable and many suffer from sinus the ingredients in the candle will release fresh smelling aroma that will ease sinus pressure. Ditch the Vicks Vapor Rub and help him set the mood and breath easier with these life savers. L’Aromatiques Sinus candle comes in sizes ranging from 9 to 19 oz and are priced from $8 to $16.

2 Responses to “Change it up; Men want reciprocal Valentine’s Day gifts”
  1. Ivory J. Payne says:

    Too cute, but I have no problem with it. I had a good laugh reading this e-mail. Walter

  2. Jackie Gibbs says:

    awesome! Great gift tips!!

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