Lessons from Hurricane Katrina didn’t come easy in new novel by Lenard Tillery

Baton Rouge author and minister Lenard Tillery’s dynamic, fast paced novel Not Too Easy (ISBN 978-0988900-8-37. April 2013) takes readers into the psyche of Marcus McMain, a young man struggling in the projects of New Orleans at the dawn of Hurricane Katrina.

“The true inspiration came from a desire to help young Black males overcome their past and have some kind of hope for a better future,” said Tillery, a veteran and father of six.923A Lenard Tillery

The vivid descriptions and passion surrounding the 2005 storm jump from the pages of Not Too Easy as the story of Marcus unfolds and reveals the answers to deep-rooted, cultural questions.

“The same puzzling situations don’t seem to be getting any easier to solve. What will it take for everybody to understand what’s going on around here. Why do they keep wasting their lives?” He slammed his hand down again and walked into the kitchen. “What?! Do we need God to flood the world as in the days of Noah for us to open our eyes?!”

Unchallenged, unmotivated, and without a mentor in his life, Marcus goes from being a high school graduate with a 3.8GPA to a waiter who seems destined to become another statistic.

Then comes Hurricane Katrina, wreaking havoc on the Gulf Coast region and leaving Marcus hopeless and homeless.

Through this, Marcus has to find his true self through a myriad of tough lessons that challenge his moral compass if he is to return to New Orleans and truly make a difference.

Not Too Easy is available at http://www.lenardtillery.com.

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