Lower 9th Ward NENA invites public to discuss barriers to wealth, assets

NEW ORLEANS–The Louisiana Building Economic Security Together coalition joins the Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association this weekend for a citywide listening session discussing barriers citizens face when establishing personal wealth. New Orleans residents are invited to speak up and be heard on Saturday, October 12,10am, at the All Souls Episcopal Church, 5500 St. Claude St.

Attendees will discuss obstacles that are preventing them and their communities from being able to gain personal wealth and acquire assets. They will also identify those barriers that are preventing citizens from increasing personal income and any hindrances keeping them from owning and maintaining assets like savings accounts and property.

Following the listening session, NENA will continue with their monthly meeting discussing other concerns, rebuilding issues, and policy issues. State Rep Wesley Bishop and New Orleans City Councilman James Gray are invited guests.

LABEST is a collaboration of grass roots, non-profit, and advocacy organizations–including NENA–, policy makers, and community leaders who have the common goal of helping Louisiana residents achieve financial independence. To do so members of LABEST identify policies, promote advocacy awareness, and empower constituents to build economic security over a lifetime. This session is one of a series LABEST will host this fall statewide; similar sessions are hosted throughout the nation.

To reach NENA contact, Charlotte Jackson, deputy director, at (504) 373-6483. For more information on LABEST, contact Joyce James, state director, at (225) 356-8871.


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