Spiritual Bookshelf: ‘Must reads’ for this fall

The Nehemiah Blueprint

By Jon Bennett Nehemiah Blueprint Cover
According to Baker, LA., author Jon Bennett, his first book, The Nehemiah Blueprint, was written out of a sincere concern for the betterment of urban communities. The book is based on the passionate, Biblical account of Nehemiah who received a vision from God to rebuild the city of Jerusalem. In The Nehemiah Blueprint, Bennett presents principles gleaned from as a “blueprint” for beginning to confront some of societal issues and rebuilding communities.
Online: www.uplandavenueproductions.com

Understanding Your Calling

By Ginger LondonUnderstanding Your Calling
Baton Rouge minister Ginger London’s study manual, Understanding Your Calling, teaches Christians how to easily discern and understand the call of God on their lives through discovering, developing and delivering their greatest potential in ministry service. London shares with readers how to break through the self-imposed barriers that keeps them either running from the call or stuck at a certain point. They will learn how to increase their God confidence, set goals to fulfill their calling and how to reach the masses with their message.
Online: www.gingerlondon.com

The Soles of My Shoes

by Danielle MartinSoles of My Shoes
The Soles of My Shoes is a collection of inspirational poems divided into four sections: Learning To Walk, Running For My Life, If The Shoe Fits, and Struttin’ My Stuff. The Soles of My Shoes was written by Martin to inspire women from all “walks” of life. Martin said passion for women and the desire to assist them in their walk with Christ led her to found the company and blog, Pretty Girls Praise. Danielle Alysse Martin is an entrepreneur and musician serving as the founder and owner of Press Play Theatre, a Christian-based performing arts company, creator of Pressed Down Apparel, a Christian T-shirt company and the manager, as well as a member, of Israel Martin and God’s Ultimate Praise.
Online: www.thesolesofmyshoes.com

What is Man

By Lenard TilleryWhat is Man
Lenard Tillery is an author and songwriter currently residing in Baton Rouge with wife of 20 years , Lisa and their six children. What is Man is the New Orleans native’s second literary work that explains while living mankind can possess the supernatural in the natural world and have the ability for the Spirit of God to dwell in an earthen vessel. Tillery explains to readers when God removes the life within the human spirit at His appointed time, the human body will experience a physical death and return to the dust from where it came. Then, each person’s living soul will spend eternity in its final destination based upon the everyday choices and activities. Tillery’s What is Man provides the resources that will help readers define and discover the purpose, functions and components of their human spirit, living soul, and body.
Online: www.lenardtillery.com

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