There’s a ‘wealthy’ place for us

There is a place, “the place”, which many people speak of.  “The place” is a place of peace, passion, and love.  There are some people who have visited this place and have come back to tell us of their experience.  The experience energizes them and provides them with a greater sense of purpose.  And when faced with life’s challenges, they seem to be able to focus and draw upon an inner strength that helps them make it to the next word, phrase, sentence, or chapter of their life. 

“The place” that many of us speak of is best described as the area of balance between business and love. That is a place of wealth.
Imagine that your world is comprised of unbridled profit in business and unlimited joy in love.  As a normal contributor to this world’s economy, we participate in the business environment of our own choice.  Some of us work in Corporate America while others operate small businesses in order to gain wealth; regardless of your environment, you will be faced with establishing a balance between business and love. 
There is a love for your family, a love for yourself, and a love for a significant other.  And business (your work) seems to directly impact love and vice versa.  The high heel shoes that you wear to a networking event may very well accent that lovely ankle as you cross your legs and attract a new contract in love.  And the cuff links that you sport to the board room, may sparkle in the eye of your future love.  Business and love go hand-in-hand and not achieving a balance can be unhealthy.
Each day is a work in progress to make it to “the place” in your life.  A major prerequisite to arriving at the place of balance is passion.  You must be passionate about your profession and passionate about your love of life.  When you work hard, be sure to love hard; and the balance will come.  Do not isolate yourself in one arena and open yourself to the world in another.  Give your profession and your love 100% of you.  Be secure and confident in yourself and consistently display your attitude to the world. 
Choose a profession or business that you are passionate about.  Selecting the best profession or business for you will result in joy and contentment that will make you open in all areas of love.  Loving will provide you with the proper conditioning and support system to select and excel in the profession of your choice.  Working in the wrong field can cause depression and impact your love for your family, yourself, and your significant other. 

Therefore, let passion light your way to the place that we all seek: a place of balance and wealth.

By Ed Gaston
Wealth Watchers

Ed Gaston is vice president of community development for Wealth Watchers Inc. in Jacksonville, Fl. Follow him on Twitter @edsvision.

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