Who to Watch: Colette Greggs

Colette Greggs is known mostly throughout the state—and nation—as the daughter of famed Southern University band director the late Dr. Isaac Greggs, but the accountant-turned-public defender carries her own staunch will and dedication much like her father. After working in finance for major organizations including the Louisiana Leadership Institute, State Farm, Westinghouse Electric Company, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Greggs returned to Baton Rouge, earned a juris doctorate at Southern University and advanced through the legal and judicial ranks to become a public defender. The Jozef Syndicate asked Greggs three questions about her upcoming pursuit to become 19th Judicial District Court Judge, Division A.

Age: 55Colette Greggs

Education: Graduate of Southern University Laboratory School, Southern University and A&M College with a bachelor of science degree in accounting, Atlanta University with a masters of business administration with a concentration in finance, and Southern University Law Center with a juris doctorate.

As a clerk and public defender, you experienced the inter working of the city’s judicial system. What are the best and worst aspects of our system? Where are the opportunities for immediate improvement and what aspects should be celebrated?

Greggs: As a law clerk and public defender, I have seen on a daily basis the issues that our communities are faced with. Ideally, more emphasis should be placed on preventative measures to keep all of our children out of the system. The criminal justice system is directly involved in apprehending, prosecuting, defending, sentencing and punishing those who are suspected or convicted of criminal offenses. When there is even the slightest breakdown in the system, everyone has failed. We must ALL work together to ensure that everyone who enters into this system is treated fairly regardless of who they are or what resources, or lack thereof they may have.

 Colette Greggs and sons

There is an increasing number of juveniles being tried as adults for violent crimes. What’s your position?

Greggs: As a single mother of two sons, I have seen many of the issues our children face. As adults, WE must ensure that our children are allowed to grow and develop into productive citizens. However in determining whether to adjudicate a juvenile as an adult, there are several issues that must be reviewed. As an attorney, I have been trained to look at the evidence and to apply the facts to the law, as it is written. These cases must be handled on a case by case basis.

Judges are expected to bring integrity, fairness, and balance to the bench. As a public defender, you uphold these values. What additional strengths will you bring to the bench as district judge?

Greggs: As a district court judge, I will not only bring to the bench my legal experience as a practicing attorney, I also bring experience from working in the private and government sectors of the work force, showing compassion for ALL people, while being firm but fair.

ONLINE: http://www.voteforcolettegreggs.com/

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