Ferguson deserves YOUR book


‎The Ferguson Public Library is collecting books to distribute to families while schools are closed as a result of the continuous protests stemming from Michael Brown’s murder.‎

We join the library and encourage you to send books featuring diverse characters and authors.

Remember, Black residents make up 67% of Ferguson. So, to us at the Jozef Syndicate, it is critical that this population receives the books that are most diverse  and culturally strong.

Ferguson deserves to read YOUR book!

‎Send copies to Ferguson Municipal Public Library 
 35 North Florissant Road ‎
Ferguson, Missouri 63135‎

We also encourage you to post a photo of you and your donation on social media and tag  @fergusonlibrary and @jozefsyndicate. They are using the #BooksforFerguson tag on Twitter as well. Hope to see your donation online.

Happy Thanksgiving.
‎ ‎

2 Responses to “Ferguson deserves YOUR book”
  1. forestchammondmartinsr says:

    How about I send you an ebook that you can donate to Ferguson in my behalf? Forest C. Hammond-Martin, Sr.

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