Taylor offers great guide for men seeking better lives

With the constant hum of the nation’s (and world’s) #BlackLivesMatter protests and rallies, Michael Taylor’s book, “Black 


Men Rock!,” is a timely read although the book was published two years ago. Taylor clearly resonates and validates the message of Black men as valuable and irreplaceable.

“This book has been written to start a new revolution for the hearts, minds, and souls of men everywhere and my hope is that this revolution changes the world for the better,” Taylor writes. But the book is more like a guide for a personal, private revolution as a starting point for community change. (Keep in mind Taylor is the author of “A New Conversation with Men” and “Brothers are You Listening?” and has studied men’s issues for the past twenty years.)

His conversational writing style is crisp. He presents a new paradigm of masculinity that encourages men to face challenges and embrace new ways of being men. Men first, then Black men. He writes, “If I see the world only through the lens of a Black man, I limit my perception..when I let go of my attachment to being Black first, I open the door to infinite possibilities for myself as a human being.”

He offers tip after tip, strategies, and specific steps men should take to become self-validated and reclaim their identity. He uses very personal examples to give transparent proof of the success a reader would gain as they take on the challenges he suggests through the book’s 10 Keys. Although the book starts slow and with details of Taylor’s personal triumphs, he speeds up the pace by getting quickly into practical steps and key points that make Black Men Rock! easy to read–and easy to implement by any brother who’s ready to rock! BuytheBook.

Online: http://coachmichaeltaylor.com/

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