Children’s book ‘Bonyo Bonyo’ expands mission

wpid-Header_BonyoBonyo.jpgBonyo Bonyo is such a brave and loving story that transcends cultures. When the death of a young sister sparks the desire in her older brother to become a doctor because of the lack of health care in the country, a Kenyan family unknowingly becomes bonded to society and the readers are taken on the journey captured in this 42-page children’s book.  Bonyo faces financial challenges that limits him from continuing school until his father sells the family radio and sends Bonyo to study medicine in the United States of America.

The young, brilliant Bonyo carries a personal conviction to become a doctor for his country but after graduating he begins a stronger commitment to the country by sending on doctor every year to care for the people in Africa. His determination pays off and he is able to impact society. This true story based on the life of Dr. Bonyo Bonyo gives the clear message that we are all impacted by life and death but the dreams and determination of one another can improve society and our personal lives.  This message was reinforced after discovering that net proceeds from book sales would go to the Bonyo’s Kenya Mission in Ohio.

Bonyo Bonyo: The True Story of a Brave Boy from Kenya is written by Vanita Oelschlager and illustrated by Kristin Blackwood and Mike Blanc. The book is available online at

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