New Orleans says ‘good bye’ to trumpeter Travis Hill, 28

Fellow musicians and New Orleans music lovers celebrated the life of trumpeter Travis “Trumpet Black” Hill through extended memorial celebrations including a mini-fest,  several impromptu musical memorial, and a jazz funeral.

According to the Louisiana Weekly, Hill was a genuine rising star in his hometown of New Orleans and was quickly gaining world-wide attention. The trumpeter and vocalist, who was a member of the musical Andrews family and the grandson of Jessie “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” Hill, burst with enthusiasm and talent. Hill appeared to be on a mission to re-introduce and make a name for himself after enduring over eight years in jail for an armed robbery he was charged with as a teenager.

“I was a young kid when I went in and I came out as a man,” Hill said soon after his release in 2011. Travis Hill tragically died on May 4, 2015, of a dental infection that reached his heart soon after arriving in Japan. Tokyo was to be the first stop of an extensive summer of touring that included appearances in Australia and at Switzerland’s acclaimed Ascona Jazz Festival. Hill was just 28 years old.

Read the complete story by the Louisiana Weekly at

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