Giving, celebrating humanity in the name of Christ

By barbara w. green

Merry CHRISTmas!

Traditionally, for many of us this is the time that we celebrate the beginnings of the extensive life’s journey of the most important man in the earth’s history: the MASS of the CHRIST Jesus’ birth.
Imagine. More than 2,015 years after His birth, death, and resurrection, millions of us yet celebrate Him and the tremendous Mission His life exemplifies.

Talk about sustainability!

Many of us, even those who do not believe in the Divinity of Who He is, perform many acts of kindness in the giving and celebrating of humanity in His Name.

For me, He is Everything in which I deem Holy and important and worthwhile. He is the Signature Purpose of my existence. But lets not talk about that. Let’s just relegate Him to a place of notoriety that recognizes him as a “good” man. Or even a GREAT man. Why do we give him recognition in the area of greatness?


It is because He is credited with doing ONLY good. That’s right. That’s EVERYthing for which He is credited.

He healed sick people; He blessed little children; He was a tremendously persuasive leader; He challenged the leaders of his time and made great arguments for the things in which He believed and for which He stood, and even died for.

He raised people from the dead and, in the face of adversity, betrayal, and beatings, He yet stood for humanity.

How many of us would do that? Not a good man, but a great man and some, like myself, would even say, the GREATEST man!

So, during this Christmas season, as everyone gives others presents that only He should be getting, let’s all remember: not “Happy Holidays” not “Season’s Greetings not Happy Hanukkah or Kwanzaa but merry CHRISTmas.

For me, He is the hope of the glory that we shall enjoy, AFTER THIS! And what is AFTER THIS?

It is the faith fact in which I–and so many others–live and move and have our being: He was resurrected and He is coming back again, for me and all of us who believe!
barbara w. green is a certified counselor and minister in Baton Rouge. She is the author of The Parent Anointing and The Great One.  Follow her at

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