Domond leaves Grambling for Rutgers University

Grambling State University women’s basketball coach Nadine Domond has resigned from her position after two years to join the staff at Rutgers. Earlier today, June 24, she penned this open letter and posted it on her social media pages:

Dear Grambling,

Louisiana is a special place to me.  It marks a place of beginnings.  I played my first AAU tournament in this great state and I began my collegiate coaching career here as a Head Coach, of  Grambling State University.  In my time here, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and celebrated; but most importantly, I’ve shared in the rich legacy of Grambling.  I’ve reveled in its history and its pride.  I’ve been humbled to walk the same grounds of greats like: Patricia Cage-Bibbs, Doug Williams, Willis Reed, Shaq Harris, The Great Eddie Robinson and so many others.

These last 2 years have been amazing and I want to thank all of the families, friends, and others with whom I’ve built relationships for allowing me to be apart of your lives.  Thank you for embracing me and my vision to start the Rebirth of a Legacy.  It has been an honor and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed serving as your Head Coach. 

I’m saddened to leave behind great individuals, amazing young ladies, and an excellent coaching staff in which I consider my family. It is certainly bittersweet to share with you that I will be joining the staff at Rutgers University to work with Hall of Famer, Coach C. Vivian Stringer; a trailblazer, an icon of our time, my mentor and former coach. 

I have complete confidence in the abilities of Freddie Murry, David Pierre, and Izarya Diaz to be successful.  To each of you, thank you for being dedicated and committed to the vision and for your contributions to the team.

Thank you again for reinforcing a simple yet powerful truth that GramFam is forever and that GSU is the place where Everybody is Somebody!  God bless you all.#gramfam#ladytigernation🐯


Cc9b_UYUAAE9-2ADomond has been recognized by the Southwestern Athletic Conference as Coach of the Year for her outstanding leadership and coaching skills during the 2015-2016 basketball season. She is a former #1 point guard in the US High School All-American and a member of the Silver Medal Jones Cup Team from the University of Iowa. Her basketball career included playing for the WNBA and overseas in France, Poland, and Israel.  While playing in Israel, she played for Israel’s women’s national coach Eli Rabi and led Bnei Yehuda to the championship playoffs for the first time in club history. In Poland, she helped lead her Color Cap Rybnik to the final four in Poland’s national championship for the first time.  After a lengthy career playing at all levels, Domond decided to expand and share her talent in the coaching world. Read more about her career at

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