Baton Rouge, LA Teens Create Watch to Help Caregivers Locate Patients Living with Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease – i.Invest Competition


Never Alz Alone1 Co-founders Tyshawn Howard and Brea Miles, both 18, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Tyshawn Howard and Brea Miles, both 18, of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, are one of this year’s competitors in the i.Invest National Youth Business Competition. Their tech start-up, Never Alz Alone, is dedicated to the caregivers and family members of those suffering with Alzheimer’s disease. We spoke with Tyshawn to learn more about their company’s goals and inspiration.

Tell us about your business.

Our product is a watch, via app connectivity, that notifies caregivers when their loved ones (diagnosed with Alzheimer’s) have wandered off past their restricted area (ex: home). A GPS location is sent to the caregivers’ phone allowing for a quick and easy find. Camera and audio visuals will also be available on the watch.

What inspired the creation of Never Alz Alone?

We were inspired to create Never Alz Alone when Brea’s grandmother passed away…

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