Author honors sister with children’s adventure

Tyra T. Wilson has released her first children’s book, A’Tiffa’s Mystery Adventure, an adventure story that helps young readers develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The Ponchatoula native penned her first book in the honor of her late sister, A’Tiffa Wilson, who lost her battle to breast cancer in November of 2017.

Published in late 2020, the book brings A’Tiffa through a peculiar mystery. And, no one loves a good mystery more than A’Tiffa who was eager to solve the case.

A’Tiffa attends a beautiful seaside school which is filled with adventurous friends, fluffy white clouds, and a sneaky stork. After arriving to school one day, A’Tiffa discovers many items have mysteriously disappeared. She becomes determined to to unravel clue after clue with help from her friends.

Young readers will enjoy vibrant illustrations and carefully placed clues to guide them along this wonderful “whodunnit” tale. They will find themselves holding their breath as they turn page after page in this journey with A’Tiffa.

A’Tiffa’s Mystery Adventure‘s colorful and interactive illustrations makes it a great read in a classroom and at bedtime.

Wilson is an avid volunteer, providing hope and light for those in need and distress. She is an alumna of Southeastern Louisiana University and Loyola University.

“My sister, A’Tiffa, was everything to me. Other than being my best friend, she was the only person who knew all about me, the trauma I went through, and understood me well,” said Wilson. “I am unfortunate to lose her. She told me not to hide from myself, not to think of the past, but welcome the gifts of God that come every day.”

ONLINE: A’Tiffa’s Mystery Adventure

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