Gift Giving for the Culture

How a desire to remain creative during the pandemic turned into a gift and stationery line that fuses faith and culture


There’s something about a pandemic and mandatory quarantines that makes creative people more creative! That’s the story of Baton Rouge native Traneisha Jones, creative envisioner for House of Favor and owner of T.Jones Media.

Passionate about her work, Jones has helped new authors publish books, and new and established brands develop their marketing strategies for more than ten years through her Indiana-based boutique media and communications company. Using multiple talents, Jones finds success in an industry that demands and rewards creativity, but the height of COVID-19 restrictions, quarantines, and deaths pushed her to explore her creative abilities more.

“I’m an extremely creative person. I always have ideas and visions for stuff, but when the pandemic hit, we were all forced to work indoors and I needed an outlet, something that would allow me to push the boundaries of creativity,” she said.

As a result, this pandemic’s push has birthed House of Favor-–a brand that fuses faith and culture with gift-giving.

“I wanted to make gift-giving sexy and chic, and fun, and reflective of our faith and culture,” Jones said. “House of Favor is really about celebrating what makes us, us.”

Shop house of favor

The year-old brand magnifies the beauty and sophistication of Black women while celebrating Black love and life experiences in bundles of gift wrap, greeting cards, socks, and mugs. “House of Favor is very unique and representative of our culture. You’re never going to find gift wrap like this anywhere else,” a customer wrote in review.

While their hallmark is Christmas gift wrap and greeting cards, House of Favor has launched new products this holiday season that celebrate more milestones–including just-because gifts and 2022 planners. All gifts are available for shipping across the world.

Take gift-giving up a notch this holiday season and shop the unique House of Favor collection at Then, connect on Instagram @HouseofFavor for new design previews and giveaways.

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