After three pandemic years, how are Louisiana’s K-12 educators?

Three years ago, Louisiana’s K-12 educators, principals, support staff, paraprofessionals, and specialists faced one of the biggest –and most difficult– challenges of their careers: the coronavirus pandemic, known as COVID-19. 

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They quickly adjusted in order to transition into virtual learning environments during the height of the pandemic. They transitioned back into schools bearing multiple COVID-restrictions along with hybrid learning. And, they had to develop creative ways to educate, learn new technology, and keep their classrooms as “normal and safe” as possible.

They did this while facing isolation, sickness, and shifts to their home environments due to the imposing pandemic.

Today, with most of K-12 learning and school activities returning back to normal, journalists with the Jozef Syndicate are asking “How are Louisiana’s Black educators? How did they pivot during COVID? What do educators need now?”

We invite educators to complete this survey  and tell their story for an upcoming special series by the Jozef Syndicate and the National Association of Black Journalists. On March 20, incentives and prizes will be awarded recipients until all are distributed.

Select the button below to repost this invitation and encourage other K-12 educator, administrator, or support staff to share their experiences.

Here’s the survey:

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