jozefThe Jozef Syndicate is a cooperative of journalists, community reporters, photographers, and broadcasters who provide news, photos, analysis, commentary, and features to publishers of community newspapers throughout the state of Louisiana and to more than 200 publishers across the nation. Articles posted on this site give publishers free access to well-written and edited news on broad issues, event coverage, and feature interviews. Publishers use these stories and photographs in print and electronic media with two conditions: (1) that bylines and photo credits be properly posted as they are here and (2) that copies of print issues that include Jozef Syndicate stories are mailed to P.O. Box 318013, Baton Rouge, La 70831.

Do you need to reach this media with specialized content? Jozef Syndicate can assist you in developing and distributing news and advertisement nationally with one call to  (225) 926-5693 or email cjs @ jozefpa. com.

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