Expanding skincare into total wellness: microbiologist Erin White takes therapeutics to sisterhood

Erin White Thomas Therapeutics

Pensiri: A Talk with Erin White, a microbiologist who is expanding skincare into holistic wellness for women

Life –from the womb to the tomb– is precious

“If I hear one more Christian use the Bible to prove a point, I’m going to scream! Yes, I said it! And that’s on my calling to preach the liberating gospel of Jesus…Until we are ready to protect life from the womb to the tomb, we are not Jesus followers. We are simply Bible-thumping-Christians,” writes the Rev. Sherri Jackson.

Governor signs Louisiana’s abortion ban with no exception for rape or incest

Criticized by the Biden administration, the state’s new abortion ban gives no exceptions for rape or incest, however it includes new exceptions for ectopic and medically futile pregnancies. It ceiminalizes providers and makes it illegal for anyone to send abortion pills by mail.

Medical marijuana and me: the path to healing now that the cannabis flower is legal in Louisiana

As an adult, I became an occasional “closeted” consumer to help calm my anxiety, fatigue, and tension pain. The taboo and shame surrounding the subject were still very real. We were taught marijuana is a “gateway drug”, getting “high” was sinful in nature, and only people in the “street life” smoked weed.

Chad Barnes Jr. advocates for young patients, OLOL hospital

Every year, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals chose a champion to serve as the ambassador for their local hospital. For Baton Rouge, that champion is Chad Barnes Jr, the 2020-2021 CMN Ambassador for Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital. He is the spokesperson for the children’s hospital and helps host events and raise money for kids who … Continue reading

When it’s time to ‘see someone,’ online therapy could be the best choice

From her virtual private practice in Baton Rouge, Shameka Mitchell Williams helps people who are overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Her focus is singular: help them recover from pernicious experiences and toxic relationships.

Eight Southern University leaders join health equity task force

Southern University System will have eight representatives on Governor John Bel Edwards Louisiana COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force. The task force, which will meet for the first time on Friday, April 24, will focus on research and actions to improve health outcomes and equity for the state’s residents in response to COVID-19. The group’s progress … Continue reading

Baton Rouge native develops antiviral drug with potential to fight coronavirus

Baton Rouge native Darnisha Harrison, founder and CEO of Ennaid Therapeutics, is advancing the development of an antiviral drug that may potentially fight coronavirus cases, and which would be more easily administered to those afflicted by the disease. Harrison’s Georgia-based pharmaceutical company filed a patent for a therapeutic called ENU200 that could treat as much as 80 percent of … Continue reading

Invisible Warriors: Photo exhibit reveals the truth behind invisible illnesses

When photographer and writer Leslie D. Rose is told “oh, but, you look good! ” it is not a compliment. For many people living with invisible illnesses, very rarely do they “look sick.” And quite often, there is no celebration in looking like they are disease-free when beneath the surface their bodies are fighting debilitating … Continue reading

‘Ms. Meta’ on frontline, empowering others facing HIV

At 62, Meta Smith-Davis is often celebrated as a hero for her work with HIV/AIDS. The self-described to’ up from the flo’ up, ex-con, drug-addicted, homeless Black woman living with HIV, says, “All I did was clean their mirror so they could see what I saw… All I did was clean the mirror so that they could do the work.” The work, she said, is being able to come to terms with an HIV-positive diagnosis and doing everything necessary to live a whole, healthy life.

Fact: Eliminating stigmas can reduce the spread of HIV

The fact remains: There are still many stigmas around HIV/AIDS which are critical barriers to preventing the disease from spreading. In a city like Baton Rouge where new HIV diagnoses  register as some of the highest in the nation, prevention is critical to stopping the disease and saving lives, said Tim Young, executive director of … Continue reading

With HIV rates topping the nation, Baton Rouge needs HAART, Open Health, and PreP

In a city with the highest rates of newly diagnosed HIV cases in the nation, is HAART positioned to slow down the spread of the virus that cause AIDS?

Baton Rouge study looks at whether exercise improves memory for older Blacks

Scientists at LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center are recruiting participants for a study on dementia prevention in older Blacks. The project is unique because few studies to date specifically developed behavior change interventions for older Blacks that target preventing dementia, said Robert Newton, Ph.D., who designed the project with Owen Carmichael, Ph.D. “The goal of … Continue reading

Black mothers keep dying after giving birth, researchers blame racism

Black mothers from around the country told terrifying stories about how doctors wouldn’t believe them about health conditions until it was almost too late and even regularly dismissed their pain. In Louisiana, Black women are nearly four times as likely to die within one year of birth as White women. Their stories revealed how Black women are facing these issues regardless of education and income.

Baton Rouge gains its sixth community pharmacist

“My brother and I are here to build and strengthen our hometown community of Baton Rouge. We are here to provide HOPE to the community where we were born and raised,” said Orlando J. Palmer Jr., pharmacist.

‘We need as many natural remedies as possible’; SU, LSU marijuana programs may help

In a state where  marijuana is still illegal, Southern University, LSU secure roles in growing crop to combat diseases     Advanced Biometrics LLC of Lafayette, La., recently won the contract to curate marijuana for the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center following a Sept. 22 decision by the Southern University System Board of … Continue reading

300 Black women sought for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome research

LSU’S Pennington Biomedical Launches New Study Aimed at Understanding Genes Involved in Common Hormonal Disorder Affecting Women A new study at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Center is looking to identify genes that increase the likelihood of a woman developing Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). PCOS is a hormonal disorder which prevents many women from getting pregnant. … Continue reading

Losing healthcare access, Medicaid expansion too risky for Louisiana

Many of the gains that have been made over the last few years are on the verge of being lost. In order to ensure that our state continues to move forward in providing access to healthcare for all of its residents, we must take action now prior to the U.S. Senate vote.

Readers show solidarity with #WhatADoctorLooksLike

Louisiana readers proudly shared photos and names of South Louisiana doctors–Dr. Gia Tyson, Dr. Lydia Lewis, Dr. Malik Spady, Dr. Andriette Fitch, Dr. Tamika Detiege, and Dr. Kendra Selders–giving local awareness to the tag.

How to talk with children about tragedy

Today’s tragic event in Baton Rouge has left us all with many questions. But for parents, it can open up a new conversation with children who may have trouble understanding exactly what’s going on. Dr. Shaun Kimberly and Sharon Wesberry of Our Lady of The Lake Children’s Hospital have pulled together a few tips from OLOL … Continue reading

Time to get SMART about diabetes

Diabetes takes a disproportional interest in the minority community and one Baton Rouge area mental health professional thinks it’s time for the community to return that interest with deliberate game plans aimed at limiting the devastation caused by this chronic-disease killer. Charles Martin, Capital City Health Center director of behavior health, has both professional and … Continue reading

Statewide summit set to improve health policy in Louisiana on March 29

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, along with several other elected officials, policymakers, and national and state healthcare leaders, are set to convene at the 2016 Health Summit: Creating an Agenda for a Healthy Louisiana.  The first-ever statewide summit, which will be held from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29 at the C.B. Pennington, Jr. Building Conference Center in Baton … Continue reading

Baton Rouge community learns ‘quick’ CPR

Studies have shown the Hands-Only CPR method is equally as effective as conventional mouth-to-mouth CPR, and people are more likely to feel comfortable performing it.

Don’t call her a hero or a champion

Call Colette Greggs a hero or a champion and she would snap back “no I’m not!” She also doesn’t want to be called a healer, a life giver, or a living donor. But the truth is Colette Greggs is all of that. The moment she entered Oschner’s Medical Center after having donated her kidney to … Continue reading

Ursula White’s quest to understand women’s fat

Local researcher looks for answers about body shape and health Long before Monroe native Ursula White earned a PhD and years before a distinguished career as a scientist was even a fleeting thought, she was a self-described curious child. “I always wondered about the world around me and why it worked the way it did,” … Continue reading

Jones, La., native named ADA president

Registered dietitian nutritionist Evelyn F. Crayton, professor emeritus at Auburn University, began her one-year term on June 1 as the president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the world’s largest organization of food and nutrition professionals. Crayton, of Montgomery, Ala., and a native of Jones, La., is the 90th president of the Academy, which … Continue reading

Groups discuss state of Louisiana families of color

Nearly 100 religious leaders, elected officials, civic leaders and academics held a summit, Feb. 28, in Baton Rouge to begin organizing their response to a newly released report on “Structures of Inequality” in Louisiana. The summit, which was called the State of Louisiana Families of Color, was hosted by The Micah Project, PICO Louisiana, and … Continue reading

Children’s book ‘Bonyo Bonyo’ expands mission

Bonyo Bonyo is such a brave and loving story that transcends cultures. When the death of a young sister sparks the desire in her older brother to become a doctor because of the lack of health care in the country, a Kenyan family unknowingly becomes bonded to society and the readers are taken on the … Continue reading

Lunchtime Lecture – Charity Hospitals of Louisiana

The West Baton Rouge Museum will host a lunchtime lecture on Thursday, February 26 at noon. The lecture takes a close look at the remarkable history of the Charity Hospitals of Louisiana, which will include the story about the Charity Hospital of New Orleans. The speakers are authors Thomas Durant, PhD and Jonathan Robert, PhD, … Continue reading

Too Many are Struggling to Afford Basic Needs in Louisiana

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” —Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we celebrated the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. recently, many working individuals and families have found themselves struggling to afford healthcare in Louisiana.  Furthermore, Louisiana’s healthcare system has seen the … Continue reading

Sewell’s Grocery, others launch Mayor’s healthy corner store initiative

The Scotlandville community was re-introduced to Sewell’s Community Grocery, 469 Elmer Ave., the first of the healthy corner stores in the initiative.

AG tries to block Ebola waste disposal in La. Landfill

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell is seeking a temporary restraining order to block the disposal of incinerated waste from the Dallas Ebola victim’s personal items and belongings at a Louisiana landfill.   It has been reported that six truckloads of potential Ebola contaminated material collected from the apartment where the Dallas Ebola victim became ill … Continue reading

Baton Rouge native confirmed as first person cured of sickle cell

George’s transplant – with marrow supplied by her younger brother Shongo – was done in 1983 in Birmingham at The University of Alabama Medical Center. She was then transported back to St Jude for one year.
“The outcome of my transplant was miraculous,” George said.

Grambling State grad creates band to guard germs

It all started with a mother’s outrage at her child contracting strepthroat while playing sports, then a light bulb went off in Nicole Reeder’s head. Reeder, whose son took sick after drinking behind another player,  created ID Me Bands, the first functional bottles marker for athletic environments. As bands, these markers help athletes uniquely identify their bottles and … Continue reading

Jackson’s anti-abortion bill to become law

Governor Jindal recently went to social media to show support for HB388 by State Representative Katrina Jackson (D-Monroe). HB388, called the anti-abortion bill, received overwhelming support. The bill could result in effectively shut down four of the state’s five abortion clinics by requiring physicians who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals–among other … Continue reading

Would you do this for your sister-in-law?

March 13 was World Kidney Day – ironically, it is also the day that Baton Rouge native Shawanga Hall is traveling home from Los Angeles after becoming a kidney donor to her sister-in-law, Keisha Hall. Shawanga and Keisha traveled to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in February, and on March 4, the transplant had been completed. Keisha … Continue reading

Business of natural care brings cultural healing, challenges for Isis Brantley

Isis Brantley of Dallas, Texas is a style influencer and the recent recipient of the Nzuri 100 Carat Diamond Award for pioneering natural hair care; and being a trailblazer for more than 20 consecutive years in the natural hair care industry. She was recently awarded during the Nzuri Natural Hair, Health & Beauty Festival’s 100 … Continue reading

I am the face of those ashamed to disclose their HIV status

Despite the conversation that HIV/AIDS is a silent killer, I beg to differ. The voice of fear screams loudly, the spread of stigma and ignorance is deafening, the loss of love ones from the virus is real, the grief is our living with the shame and blame is disheartening! How can anyone see the effects … Continue reading

HIV: Alive and Strong, South Louisiana’s Invisible Epidemic

Southeast Louisiana HIV cases remain among highest in the nation Louisiana has long sat at the bottom of statistics for things like overall well-being and education. But, in 2012, Baton Rougeans found themselves, unfortunately, at the top of one of the least ideal statistics in the country. The city was named number one for AIDS … Continue reading

Oschner brings Dr. Gia Tyson, hepatologist, to transplant institute

Ochsner Multi-Organ Transplant Institute recently welcomed new hepatologist, Dr. Gia Tyson, to their staff. Tyson, a native of Louisiana, earned her medical degree at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD and her fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at Baylor College of … Continue reading

Southern awarded $200,000 to help Blacks with disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education announced today the award of a $200,000 grant to Southern University and A&M College to explore ways to help young Blacks with disabilities successfully transition into society.   Southern will use the funding to support Project Work Opportunity through Resource and Capacity Building.  Under the project, the university will develop … Continue reading

Exxon: Flaring may occur for days

Neighbors near the ExxonMobil Chemical Plant on Scenic Highway may notice intermittent flaring during the next several days as equipment is shut down for maintenance work, ExxonMobil Baton Rouge announced this morning (Aug. 20). Exxon said it is not an emergency situation. “Flaring is an environmentally approved measure to safely burn off virtually all the … Continue reading

ExxonMobil is scrutinized in Baton Rouge after past leaks

State and federal agencies and neighbors are keeping an eye on Baton Rouge’s ExxonMobil complex, located next to the Mississippi River on Scenic Highway just north of the Governor’s Mansion. Some neighbors want the authorities and the plant to do more to reduce emissions and also to alert them about hazardous discharges. The Louisiana Dept. … Continue reading

Public invited to change North Baton Rouge food desert

While North Baton Rouge residents have long complained about being cut off from fresh affordable food markets, a new 13-member food commission is working toward improving the supply in food deserts. The commission meets again 10am, Thursday, March 14, at Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church, 6767 Scenic Hwy. Members of the commission said they paid attention … Continue reading

Will Anna T Jordan pool remain?

BREC to host open house   SCOTLANDVILLE—BREC will host a community open house at Anna T. Jordan Community Park, 1750 Stilt St., on Feb. 7 from 4-7 p.m. in order to give residents in the area a voice on whether to improve the existing swimming pool or build a new interactive splash pad. The existing … Continue reading

Ochsner Health System opens in North Baton Rouge

Ochsner Health System celebrated the opening of its newest Baton Rouge area location, Ochsner Health Center – Harding Boulevard, on December 12, 2012. Dr. Andriette Fitch, an internist and pediatrician, has been appointed lead physician at the new center. Fitch previously practiced at Westside Family Healthcare in Plaquemine. The 2,000 square foot clinic is conveniently located … Continue reading

Barrow’s bus ride, walk demonstrate citizens’ struggle to access healthcare

State Representative Regina Barrow, D-Baton Rouge, took her opinion on access to healthcare to the streets of North Baton Rouge. Earlier today, Barrow stood outside the Earl K. Long Medical Center, 5825 Airline Highway, in 40degree weather and waited to catch the Capital Area Transit System bus. She head to the new Women’s Hospital, 9637 Jefferson Highway,  … Continue reading

Patient financial information stolen from LSU Health Services

LSU HCSD requests that any findings of unauthorized access be reported to it at 1-800-735-1185 so that law enforcement may be notified.  As an additional precaution, affected persons are encouraged to monitor their credit history.

Melissa Harris-Perry to Bobby Jindal: ‘You Don’t Seem To Give A Damn’

Tulane Professor and Weekend Host Melissa Harris Perry Calls Out Jindal in MSNBC ‘Letter’ (Melissa Harris-Perry is host of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry.” The show airs on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 11 AM Central Time. Harris-Perry is also professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna … Continue reading

N.O. homeless asked to evacuate Expressway; Mission responds

This morning, at 9 am, the City of New Orleans requested all homeless men and women remove themselves and all of their belongings from under and around the Pontchartrain Expressway. The effort has caused a mass migration of homeless individuals that will leave the capacity of the New Orleans Mission, along with many other public … Continue reading