Fact: Eliminating stigmas can reduce the spread of HIV

The fact remains: There are still many stigmas around HIV/AIDS which are critical barriers to preventing the disease from spreading. In a city like Baton Rouge where new HIV diagnoses  register as some of the highest in the nation, prevention is critical to stopping the disease and saving lives, said Tim Young, executive director of … Continue reading

Baton Rouge Councilman’s use of slur is an attempt to intimidate, bully

” ‘Gang-bangers’ and the more common ‘thug’ are racist pejoratives for Black men, part of an attempt to deem them unworthy of Constitutional protections, human decency, or justice,”  writes Christopher Tyson, LSU law professor, “As a spokesperson for the Union of Police, (Metro Councilman John Delgado’s) actions carry the imprimatur of law enforcement.  Therefore they can only be read as a cheap attempt to intimidate and bully.” 

Dialogue on race necessary to move Louisiana beyond fear

The reactions to the Department of Justice’s decision to not charge police in the shooting death of Alton Sterling have divided largely along racial lines. Baton Rouge like many cities was racially segregated at its founding.Although the city has undergone “desegregation,” in the last several decades clear racial divisions exist most vividly with Florida Blvd … Continue reading

Things get uncomfortable’ when protesters Blackout BR, interrupt policing meeting

As officer-involved shootings cities around the country, frustrated citizens are continuing their fight for justice. With each shooting that has occurred, dash cam footage has been released, surveillance and other forms of film have been released to ensure complete disclosure. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case with the deadly shooting of Alton Sterling. After … Continue reading

Race, Risks, and Revolutions

What happened in Missouri today cannot be overstated and should not be viewed as an isolated event: rather, it should be viewed as another chapter in the annals of American history on race. –Lori Martin Race, Risks, and Revolutions By Lori Latrice Martin Don’t get it twisted. Sports are not just about entertainment. Athletes–Black athletes … Continue reading

Speak up! Change La. education laws

BRAC seeks public input  With three weeks left to file new legislation for this year’s session, the Baton Rouge Area Chamber of  Commerce is seeking community input to help develop a new governance structure for the East Baton Rouge Public School System. The Chamber is planning to write education legislation that would primarily shift governing … Continue reading

Louisianans seek end to cycle of financial failure

Stretching to northeast Louisiana through central parts of the state then southwest and into the capitol region, the steady grip of poverty is the primary concern of Louisiana’s working residents and youth. During a series of listening sessions conducted statewide residents told partners with the  Louisiana Building Economic Security Together, or LABEST, coalition that policies on housing, … Continue reading

Women need to speak up on state policies by Nov. 1

An Open Letter from State Representative Karen St. Germain In a recent report released by the Center for American Progress titled “The State of Women in America,” Louisiana was given an “F” and ranked 50th (dead last) among all states in an overall ranking on issues regarding economics, leadership and health for women based on … Continue reading

Southern Justice Prevails — again

The rights of young Black men to walk the streets, to live in a safe environment and exercise the privileges of American citizenry has been repealed.

An Open Letter from Louisiana Clergy to Governor Bobby Jindal

Dear Governor Jindal, We, the undersigned members of the Louisiana Clergy, are writing to express our deep concern about the tax proposal you are proposing for the upcoming legislative session. We serve in many different faith traditions, across a broad spectrum of people and communities in this State. As diverse as these traditions may be, … Continue reading

Will Anna T Jordan pool remain?

BREC to host open house   SCOTLANDVILLE—BREC will host a community open house at Anna T. Jordan Community Park, 1750 Stilt St., on Feb. 7 from 4-7 p.m. in order to give residents in the area a voice on whether to improve the existing swimming pool or build a new interactive splash pad. The existing … Continue reading

Melissa Harris-Perry to Bobby Jindal: ‘You Don’t Seem To Give A Damn’

Tulane Professor and Weekend Host Melissa Harris Perry Calls Out Jindal in MSNBC ‘Letter’ (Melissa Harris-Perry is host of MSNBC’s “Melissa Harris-Perry.” The show airs on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 AM to 11 AM Central Time. Harris-Perry is also professor of political science at Tulane University, where she is founding director of the Anna … Continue reading

Baker candidates share endorsements

City leadership to become majority Black BAKER, La.–Baker mayoral candidates Harold Rideau and Donald Kyer have received endorsements from community leaders and former candidates as they head towards a runoff election Saturday, April 21. Incumbent mayor Rideau, who is seeking a third term, said he has been endorsed by the Louisiana AFLCIO, the Reverend Larry … Continue reading

Women invited to “Don’t Get Mad, Get Elected” webinar Jan. 26.

Broome to lead national effort to encourage more women to seek office  Senate President Pro Tempore Sharon Weston Broome, along with Emmy McClelland a former state legislator from Missouri, will lead a national webinar focused on the need to encourage more women to seek elected office on the state and national level. It is an … Continue reading

Excluding NAACP from MLK is a bad look, Mr. Mayor.

No NAACP at official MLK Day observance is not a good look for New Orleans> By Anitra Brown New Orleans Tribune The exclusion of the local New Orleans chapter of the NAACP from the city’s official Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration. Not a good look. The unwillingness or inability of another respected civil rights … Continue reading

Plans underway to bring grocery, fresh foods to Scotlandville ‘desert’

Community input needed by Dec. 16 By Jasmine Hastings Jozef Syndicate reporter SCOTLANDVILLE-The Food Access Team of Together Baton Rouge revealed the organization’s plan to bring a “high-quality” grocery store or farmers market to North Baton Rouge, an area identified as a food desert for decades. “The progress we have made in less than three … Continue reading

Help choose new Scotlandville middle school colors, mascot

Ballots will be open until Monday, December 12. EBRPSS News–Following the recent decision by the East Baton Rouge Parish School Board to convert Scotlandville Elementary School into a middle school for the 2013-2014 school year, students, parents, staff and community members are invited to provide input and help choose the new middle school’s colors and … Continue reading

Postal Service to hold public meeting Oct. 12

The U.S. Postal Service will hold a public meeting to discuss its proposal to make possible changes in the way postal services are provided to residents who utilize the Istrouma Station, 5200 Longfellow Road in Baton Rouge. The community meeting is Wednesday, Oct. 12 at the Howell Park Community Center, 5509 Winbourne Ave., at 6pm. … Continue reading

Redistricting public forums begin this week

The Louisiana Legislature is hosting these public meetings are to receive public comment concerning the “census populations, the deviations of existing districts from an ideal population, and solutions for district line drawing for the legislature, Congress, the Public Service Commission, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the Supreme Court and other courts.” For more … Continue reading

Family Problems: Britian, America, Isreal and Oil

It is destroying the coastline and seafood supply of Louisiana. Louisiana is known for its food, so many natives are understandably angry. Some commentators have asked why President Obama has not shown intense outrage at BP. The President’s response is not surprising

Letter from Louisiana AFL-CIO President

“If someone has a better (health care reform) proposal, let’s hear it. But working families can’t wait,” writes Louisiana AFL-CIO president Louis Reine in a letter to the editor.

IamTroy.com Are you Troy, too?

For me, signing the petition is not a Troy-Davis-is-innocent-gesture, it is a please-execute-the-right-murderer plea. Officer MacPhail and his family deserve that much justice.

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