Leaving viewers with something strong to sip on

SisterFriends host

Pensiri: A Talk with Teresa Cooper and Katherine Young, hosts of SisterFriends Cups and Conversations.

Gift Giving for the Culture

This pandemic’s push has birthed House of Favor–a brand that fuses faith and culture with gift-giving.

Parenting during this pandemic requires an ‘anointing’ many already possess

With today’s coronavirus pandemic, parents and grandparents are facing a crisis never before seen. From dealing with health fears, sharp shifts to virtual learning, job losses, and political protests, parenting youth today–in a world that’s vastly changing–has become more challenging and overwhelming. Nearly half of parents of children under age 18 said their stress levels … Continue reading

When it’s time to ‘see someone,’ online therapy could be the best choice

From her virtual private practice in Baton Rouge, Shameka Mitchell Williams helps people who are overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Her focus is singular: help them recover from pernicious experiences and toxic relationships.

Minister addresses controversy around latest R&B release ‘Emoji’

We really have to unlearn what we have been trained to believe is Ministry. We’ve been taught that ministry is Worship music only…. My God is not in a box and if God is really going to reach this generation then Chance the Rapper is just as important as Tye Tribbett. Kanye West is just as anointed as Kirk Franklin. 

Fact: Eliminating stigmas can reduce the spread of HIV

The fact remains: There are still many stigmas around HIV/AIDS which are critical barriers to preventing the disease from spreading. In a city like Baton Rouge where new HIV diagnoses  register as some of the highest in the nation, prevention is critical to stopping the disease and saving lives, said Tim Young, executive director of … Continue reading

With HIV rates topping the nation, Baton Rouge needs HAART, Open Health, and PreP

In a city with the highest rates of newly diagnosed HIV cases in the nation, is HAART positioned to slow down the spread of the virus that cause AIDS?

Momma, he only wanted to ride his bike

He stood there asking if he could ride his bike to the middle school and back…Instead, I just looked in his eyes, willing myself to believe that this is not—–absolutely not–—the last time I will see him.

Tracking wonderful memories for years to come

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is the first of the year; the time we give ourselves the opportunity to look to NEW BEGINNINGS! That’s right! It’s “starting over” time! And to signify the start up for 2016, here is an amazing project for you and your household—or even you and your coworkers or church family. Yes, … Continue reading

Don’t call her a hero or a champion

Call Colette Greggs a hero or a champion and she would snap back “no I’m not!” She also doesn’t want to be called a healer, a life giver, or a living donor. But the truth is Colette Greggs is all of that. The moment she entered Oschner’s Medical Center after having donated her kidney to … Continue reading

Would you do this for your sister-in-law?

March 13 was World Kidney Day – ironically, it is also the day that Baton Rouge native Shawanga Hall is traveling home from Los Angeles after becoming a kidney donor to her sister-in-law, Keisha Hall. Shawanga and Keisha traveled to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in February, and on March 4, the transplant had been completed. Keisha … Continue reading

One father’s take: ‘It’s truly not about me

When I look at my little girl, I see the very best of what I am. Every good quality. All wrapped in a package of beautiful smiles, pigtails, giggles and optimism. In a sense, I see in her brown, trusting eyes the me that I could be. I also see a canvas, nine years in … Continue reading

Spoken Word artist, heRo, praises father for success

He was born Roosevelt Wright III. Some people know him as Daddy Ro. Others, as Pastor Ro. Nationally he’s known as heRO. He takes the stage as an exuberant poet, motivational speaker, actor, life coach, minister and singer. His talents and performances have being showcased on HBO, MTV, and in Ebony magazine. “Everything that I … Continue reading

Signs Your Teen is in Trouble and What to Do About It

Being a teenager is never easy, but for some kids, it is excruciating. For parents, being able to tell the difference between normal growing pains and real trouble is crucial. From drug abuse to depression to more serious physical or mental abuse, it’s important to recognize when your teen is in trouble. “Young people don’t … Continue reading

Change it up; Men want reciprocal Valentine’s Day gifts

The earliest recorded celebration of Valentine’s day was during the 4th century in 270 BC and since then the holiday has been about celebrating romantic love. Since then, women have soaked and basked in this special day of love-on-display–which leads us to ask ‘what about the men?’. If V-Day is about celebrating and showing love, … Continue reading

Couple travels road to success, offers tips for working together in love and business

Barack and Michelle do it. Brad and Angelina do it. John and Yoko did it. How? As the divorce rate hovers near an estimated 50 percent in the United States, many blame career stress as a major cause of separations. But somehow some couples grow stronger, especially when they work together. One couple who have … Continue reading

Morgan chronicles plantation, BR life

Baton Rouge author Josie Morgan’s Sins of the Past, Hope for the Future chronicles her family and personal life beginning in 1937 on Smithfield Sugar Plantation in Chamberlain, Louisiana. The self-published book is telling story of a post-Slavery family working on the sugar plantation and its hardship is written in a simplistic, honest manner akin … Continue reading

‘What you believe’ comes to New Venture

New Venture Theatre continues its 2012 season with “What You Believe,” a theatrical story of dance written by Baton Rouge natives Avery Wilson and Greg Williams Jr. The one-day performance and will be March 17, 2pm and 7:30pm, at the Independence Park Theatre, 7800 Independence Blvd. Narrated by two main characters of instrumental sound and … Continue reading

Ending relationships can be your catalysts for growth in 2012

> By Tenise Brown Breaking up or ending a relationship whether romantic or casual can be one of the toughest emotional struggles a person may go through. It can be quite an emotional ride. It feels as if you’ve been dropped like a rock in mid air. As painful as a relationship can be as … Continue reading