10 women encourage ‘Katrina Babies’ and the 121 infants of August 29, 2005

Filmmaker Edward Buckles, Jr expose some of the hurricane’s harsh and immeasurable impact on children in his latest film “Katrina Babies”. Until now, their stories were unknown and these stories are in contrast to the stories of the 49 children born in Baton Rouge’s Women’s Hospital on that day. Their birth story is forever narrated by Hurricane Katrina. Ten Baton Rouge women encourage a Katrina-born child who’s now 17.

August 29th – Double Anniversary for Devastating Storms in Louisiana

Eight years after Katrina, the lower 9th ward remains scarred. One year after Isaac, most of Braithwaite in Plaquemines Parish resembles a ghost town. Blogger Julie Dermansky shares photos on this, the anniversaries of hurricanes Katrina and Isaac. Read: August 29th – Double Anniversary for Devastating Storms in Louisiana.