‘Misconceptions’ appropriate for young adult, female readers

Baton Rouge author Cosha Hayes makes the Earnest attempt to be a modern-day Terry McMillan in her debut novel, Misconceptions.
While is it misses the mark as a new Waiting to Exhale, it hits dead-on as a cautionary tale for a young adult, female audience.

Set it Baton Rouge, Misconceptions chronicles the life of Gabby who falls for a handsome young man, Tre.

The book tells how Gabby’s transition from “a teenager who was going no where fast” to a young woman who believes she has found the love of her life, but soon realizes she is an emotionally and physically abusive relationship.

Hayes does a great job setting the scene for and bringing the old saying to life that “everything that glitters isn’t gold.”

It’s Hayes’ simple and fast paced writing style that make this book a perfect read for a young woman who is approaching a storm in life.
Published by Bran-Nue Productions, Misconceptions is available online at http://www.cshayes.com.

By Cameron James
Jozef Syndicate Reporter

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