Who are you nominating for the Drum Newspaper’s Five Under 35 Leadership Award?


The Drum Newspaper’s most prestigious Five Under 35 recognition awards is now taking nominations for Baton Rouge’s and Ponchatoula’s five, up-and-coming industry leaders under the age of 35. This award celebrates the depth of talent within the Black community including rising stars of entertainment to successful non-profit leaders.

In order to qualify for consideration, individuals must have been born after December 31, 1978, and have lived and worked in Ponchatoula, Hammond, or Baton Rouge for at least two years. Official nomination forms should be returned to the The Drum Newspaper no later than August 31, 2013.

A special Reader’s Choice award will be presented to the nominee who receives most votes through Facebook, Twitter, or call-in during the month of September. Individuals selected as recipients of the Top Five Under 35 award as well as the Reader’s Choice award recipient will be profiled in a special publication in October, and a reception will be held in their honor.

By nominating someone for The Drum Newspaper’s Five Under 35, you are supporting and developing today’s young leaders. With this honor comes:
􀀁 valuable media exposure
􀀁 public relations and marketing opportunities
􀀁 enhanced standing among community leaders
􀀁 networking and new business opportunities


Nominee Information:
1. First Name:
2. Middle Name:
3. Last Name:
4. Job Title:
5. Company Name:
6. Company Address:
7. City: [ ] Baton Rouge [ ] Ponchatoula
8. Direct Phone Number (office/cell):
9. Nominee Email Address:
10. Website:
11. Age (on January 1, 2013):
Nomination Category: Select one only: [ ] Activism/Political Involvement
[ ] Business [ ] Education
[ ] Entertainment [ ] Medical/Health Care

Nominator’s Contact Information (required):
1. First and Last Name:
2. Daytime Phone Number:
3. Email Address:
4. What’s your association with the nominee?
5. Is the nominee aware that you have nominated them? Please note that the nominator’s identity may be disclosed to nominees if asked.
*multiple nominations will not enhance the success of a nominee.

Nomination Questions(Answers are limited to 300 words maximum per question):

1. Give a brief description of the nominee’s professional achievements. Suggestions: include the nominee’s recent accomplishment or past distinctions and awards specific to ther nomination category.

2. Tell us about the nominee’s level of expertise. Suggestions: include the nominee’s educational qualifications, the name of the institution they graduated from, professional memberships

3. Tell us about the nominee’s leadership abilities and experience. Suggestions: demonstrate the nominee’s leadership and innovation, how has the company or the nomination category grown because of the nominee’s leadership?

4. Tell us about the nominee’s community involvement.Suggestions: include positions on boards (charitable organizations or professional organizations), explain the nature of their involvement and how it has advanced the goals of the industry category, and include any distinctions and awards for community service.

5. In summary, tell us what makes the nominee unique and outstanding?

Email all nominations to: news@thedrumnewspaper.info.

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