Lil Boosie’s mom addresses reports, talks forgiveness about murder trial

It’s been longer than a year since a Baton Rouge jury found Torrence “Lil Boosie” Hatch not guilty of first-degree murder and he still remains in Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.

Hatch’s mother, Connie Hatch, urged people to stop listening to gossip of when the rapper will get out of prison because the exact date has not yet been determined.

“We’re not sure when he’s getting out because he has some more classes to take.”

She said they are working on getting him into a rehabilitation program outside of prison.

“They wouldn’t grant us that as of yet.”

Lil' Boosie

Lil’ Boosie

Hatch said that she and her son are in good spirits in light of what happened. She wants to set the record straight that many of the reports floating around about him are untrue.

“The community needs to know if they need to know anything, they can ask Ms. Hatch. Stop listening to all those rumors. Stop listening to all those so-called friends that’s on the internet.”

Hatch said that, contrary to reports, her son is not on lockdown. He is in the general population and is working every day.

“Warden (Burl) Cain at Angola has been very nice and understanding.”
Hatch said that her son, who emails her every day, has remained very active while in prison. Besides obtaining his GED a while back, he has written more than 60 songs, with three of them being Gospel, and has almost finished a book.

She also said that justice was served in Hatch’s murder trial and she has forgiven all those involved.

“I’m not angry with the D.A.’s office. I’m not mad with anyone because I’m a Christian woman. I just pray for these people.”

“I just pray that God change their hearts and they stop being so prejudiced and be fair.”

She called the trial “a waste of taxpayers’ money” and said she has not yet received her son’s hard drives back with all of his music because she was told they was being used in another trial.

“I felt that if he was John Henry or any other person, things would not have been done like that.”

Hatch said that the case was a brutal reminder that, “We’re still in the South.”
“We’re not in the 50s anymore, and if someone is making more money than you, oh well. That’s life.”

She said that God sees all and what goes around comes around.

“The way [they] treated my son, God is going to look down on [them] and going to treat their sons just like that. What I went through, they’re going to go through it with their children.”

Jerome Boykin, president of the Terrebonne Parish chapter of the NAACP and Torrence Hatch’s mentor, said that he couldn’t believe that the case even went to trial.

“I went to the courthouse to Torrence Hatch’s trial every day and, based on my observation of the trial and the evidence, it’s no way Torrence Hatch should have been indicted or charged with murder.”

“It was an eye-opener for me because a lot of times we see these guys and rappers on TV and you listen to them sometimes they have profanity in their lyrics, and it’s easy to form a bad opinion of rappers.”

“You [have] good and bad in any profession,” said Boykins, who is also a retired captain from the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Boykin said the negative picture that has been painted of Hatch is not the same person that he knows.

He spoke of a Hatch buying school supplies for less fortunate children and medication for the elderly. He said he would also pay the rent and bills for those who couldn’t afford to pay it themselves.

He said that Hatch even visited a boy with cancer whose wish was to “meet Lil Boosie.”

“You don’t hear about that or read about that in the paper, and I don’t think they do him justice when they try to paint this bad picture of Torrence Hatch.”

Connie Hatch said she is holding it together for her son and his children and will continue to do so. She recently took the children to Florida for some fun in the sun.

“These kids have gone through so much.”

She said that Hatch’s rap industry friends are always willing to lend a hand.
“Whenever I need to call Jeezy, he’s always willing to help –him and Yo Gotti.”
She said that she and Hatch are forever grateful for his loyal fans and those who have continuously supported them.

“My heart goes out to everybody that prayed for us and is still with us.”


 By Anastasia Semien
Contributing Writer
2 Responses to “Lil Boosie’s mom addresses reports, talks forgiveness about murder trial”
  1. duane harris says:

    They can delay it but they can’t stop dat train!! All this time has passed and bossie just as big or bigger than he was the day he left. He gone put the whole game in the choke hold. I hope I get to work wit him I was close before he went in, the whole world rockn wit bossie and fosho u got Louisiana and we got u rite back stay prayd up and take care of urself cause everything else gone work its self out

  2. For a clear and close-up look at how the Baton Rouge Criminal Justice System works in the state of Louisiana, you must please get a copy of my new book: WITH EDWARDS IN THE GOVERNOR’S MANSION: From Angola to Free Man. It is a true story. I am from Baton Rouge where the story takes place. I was 17 when I engaged the Baton Rouge Criminal Justice System and I was sentenced to life in Angola and they never received a plea of guilty from me. I never entered a plea of guilty and was sentenced to life in Angola. You heard me right the first time. They covered it up, but thank goodness for Gov. Edwin Edwards who pardoned me when he found out what those bastards did and were trying to do me. The book is at, Barnes & Nobles, Books-A-Million. Thank you.

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